Tunnel Vision is a mindset wellness app that helps users achieve their health and fitness goals by broadening their perspectives. When trying to lose weight or get fit, it's easy to develop tunnel vision - becoming overly focused on the number on the scale or getting stuck in an exercise rut. This restrictive mindset often backfires.

The Tunnel Vision app provides thoughtful prompts and reflections designed to widen your viewpoint around diet, exercise, and body image. Regular use can help you find flexibility in your routines, imagine new possibilities for self-care, and view your progress more holistically. Science confirms that these practices stimulate creativity and intrinsic motivation – essentials for lasting lifestyle change.

Whether you want to develop healthier habits, break through a fitness plateau, or maintain weight loss, Tunnel Vision has tools to broaden your outlook. With an open mindset, you can ditch diet dogma, sustain your inspiration, and ultimately reach your feel-good fitness goals. Download Tunnel Vision now for fresh perspectives on health.

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Features that will help you achieve your fitness goals include:

Personalized Workout Plan: Get a fully personalized fitness plan tailored to your goals, whether it is to gain weight, lose weight, gain muscles, or simply wish to work on your general fitness.

Nutrition, Hydration & Habits: Access meal plans assigned by your coach and log your food intake to keep a close track of your calorie intake and macros. You can also track your hydration, steps and calories burnt on the app.

 Instant messaging & video calls – Message your coach in real-time and schedule video sessions directly from the app. Stay connected with your coach to improve compliance and get better results.

Check-ins: Gain complete insight into your overall performance with easy check-ins and real-time updates.

Progress: Stay on top of your progress with powerful analytics.

Wearable integration: Get the bigger picture of your progress by connecting your fitness band & health kit thereby enabling real-time updates.